Pick a language and kickstart your learning today.

Hey there, polyglot!

Want to develop and practice your language skills while on a bus? On a train? At that summer cottage your folks dragged you to? 

Rejoice, for Reactored is made for you.

As a browser-based application it works on any device – just pick yours.

Effective learning methods

Learn languages ​​effectively aided by AI. Learning style based personalization and Reactored's unique spell checker will guide you forward.

Also works on mobile devices

We have considered the requirements of modern learning already at the developmental stage. As a browser-based application, Reactored provides an effective learning solution for most devices.

A single price tag for... 16 languages!

Yes, one license to learn them all. We developed an efficient language learning tool which can make a true polyglot out of you. Limiting our users to just one language at a time would be plain unfair.

Expand your vocabulary

All Reactored learning materials are created by trained professionals. However, If they are not challenging enough, you can also generate vocabulary exercises of your own.

Individual progress

With Reactored, you can learn languages with an emphasis on your strengths. The learning style is adjustable in terms of textuality and visuality.