Every learner is different. Therefore, a good digital learning platform should be flexible and adjustable

Highly customizable

Reactored is customizable – each learner can choose the way he or she wants to learn. You can progress at your own pace and involve different senses in learning in your own way. Apart from traditional writing, Reactored also allows you to listen and dictate your answer using a microphone. While recalling, most people need hints in the form of images or other visual content. Thus, vocabulary and other lesson content of the lessons are associated with images. Combining visual and textual material also constitutes one of Reactored’s learning methods which appeals to the majority of learners.

Automated spell-checker

Reactored uses an automated spell-checker to check your answers and gives you instant feedback in audio and visual form.

Frustration-free approach

Reactored will push you towards the answer one letter at a time. This is a frustration-free approach because one can always get it right regardless of one’s level.

Extended help

The teacher can, if intended, provide the learner with additional help. This can be a thematic text, an extended theory section, or a mini grammar section where one can easily seek help from.

More time for personal guidance

Our text-to-speech system makes it easier for beginners to engage in oral communication exercises which involve immediate usage of newly learned words. With Reactored’s built-in instantaneous feedback and various assisting tools, the teacher has more time to provide students with personal guidance

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