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The Most Powerful & Yet Simple way to create online language education 

Built for the language educators

Reactored is a digital language learning platform for 16 different languages. Our mission is to help teachers to provide best quality education with minimal effort.

Responsive and engaging lessons works with all devices.

Packed with unique features that are tested and proven by Finnish educational system.

Always on point, always relevant

We bring on-demand model
to the pedagogy led language learning

Learn subjects that matters

Creators and authors get keyword feeds from users so they can deliver the exact topics people are looking for.

In depth data from courses

Reactored records usage details from all actions that your lessons have. Popularity, Something to fix,, Ratings and much more.

Teachers Support 24/7

Language courses created by top professional educators. All the answers and grammatical tips are built in to the lessons. Students can end up to the correct solution regardless where they are.

NETFLIX did it for movies, SPOTIFY did it for music, and AMAZON for the books. “We are going to do it for language education”

How it works for end users ?

The future is in On-demand services

With the help of AI features Reactored enables learners to search and learn the exact vocabularies that they need to succeed in their studies. 

Just type the keyword, press search and the platform will provide you curated learning content made by professional teachers. We are making knowledge sharing a global phenomenon. Acquired globally by anyone at anytime, we can finally offer equal and high quality education for everyone. 

Be the Artist

It’s your choice whether its videos, quizzes, texts, or pictures. You can decide how to compose and share the courses.

Why teach languages with reactored?

Fits in any schedule

No need for scheduled lessons. The platform shares your content 24/7 as long as the users have internet connection

Leverage with better tools

Reactored is designed to make teachers work as effective as possible. With AI- powerade task generator you create unique lessons in minutes.

Skyrocket your digital career

Boost your digital competencies and share your knowledge also outside of the school environment

Help students motivation

Reactored is the only service where students can find the exact study sets they are looking for to learn new language

Make extra income

The average teacher makes 3000€/m from their day job. With a popular course you can earn up to 10% per month extra by just sharing your knowledge.

Courses for corporations

In our teacher network you will get quotations from companies HR-facilities. Online language courses & statistics has never been easier to provide

What our teachers say

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