Perfect platform for language learning

ReactorEd is an effective online training platform focused on languages. Teach your students interactively on all devices, regardless of time and place. Uplift your teaching with AI-powered content creation and start with Reactored today.

All the tools in one service

Creating online language learning has never been easier. Reactored’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to upload and organize your content. Our AI- powered material tools and interactive answer features ensure that your students stay engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

Interactive task types

Reactored task types give immediate feedback during training and guide you towards the correct answer.​

Real-time reporting and analytics

The multifaceted assessment measures performance, e.g. based on time, answer style, difficulty and repetitions.

Build your own materials with AI or modify existing lessons to suit your needs

Modern content creation tools enable teaching using several different media; video, image, text, audio.

Easy to use on all devices

The intuitive platform is designed to support all kinds of learners. Because it's fast & intuitive setup, the platform is used widely throughout the education system.

Designed for online educators

The Reactored learning environment is suitable for all companies and organizations that conduct language training online.

Automate manual teaching work

By making the teaching materials interactive, you can let automation handle performance monitoring and evaluation.

Developed with professionals

Reactored is developed in cooperation with dozens of Finnish language teachers and pedagogical professionals. The operating models of the world’s best education have finally been combined into an easy-to-use digital service.

Language training in several different industries


The Reactored learning environment's convenient course tools and flexible user interface enable a versatile learning experience. With the help of Reactored you can teach groups both in hybrid teaching and in a completely online format.


We have helped several companies produce industry-specific language training. Versatile online teaching has brought cost efficiency & flexibility to the organization of training, as practice and participation take place regardless of time and place.

Immigrant services + workforce training

We cooperate a lot in language training both with municipalities and various organizations. Our partners have succeeded in making language training more effective and shortening training queues. We can also help with content production and translation of learning materials.

Educational institutions

Reactored's story began in development cooperation with language teachers. Ease of use and functional teacher tools enable flexible language teaching throughout the school path. Reactored is used in elementary schools, high schools, vocational colleges, universities, and also in liberal adult education colleges.

Customize the service package according to your operation

Versatile integration possibilities

Reactored can be connected to most common LMS systems. In addition, Reactored supports the most common SSO logins: Google, Microsoft and Mpassid.

Scalable licensing model

Reactored's license model adapts to your training needs. You can start using it by building content and increase the license space as your operation expands.

Make Reactored part of your own education brand

With the help of the white labeling service, you get your organization's own login domain and the tools you can use to customize the visual appearance of the application to match your brand.

Cooperation with more than 100 educational organizations

Our experts are ready to help you

Reactored learning platform adapts to your organization’s training needs. Contact us and let’s find a suitable solution for you 

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